UGREEN 10000mAh, Best Charger and External Power for Gopro Hero 5/6/7 Owners

  • Dual Gopro Battery Charging
  • USB-C Charging with a 5v 2.4a Out
  • High current protection
  • High voltage protection
  • overcharge protection
  • over-discharge protection
  • over-temperature protection and overpower protection.

all this for what?

The arrival of the latest power bank was built exclusively to serve as a backup power supply for your gopro.with advanced features which make it unique and reliable.

After testing the UGREEN 10000mAh power bank, I will say this is the only external power pack built with gopro users in mind.

This buddy was my closest ally on several trips that have embarked on. It serves flawlessly as a power bank for my iPhone and other gadgets. In case you need some other gopro power banks I recommend, check out this blog post


  • It can give you up to six(6) full battery charges. what else do you need in a nuclear reactor?
  • It eliminates the need to carry a charger around and it fits neatly right inside of it. With the slick body construction, I will call it the sexy classy power bank
  • An in-house test by me shows that the Ugreen 10000mah power bank takes 2.5 hours to recharge a GoPro hero 7/6 or 5 batteries and not only that, this guy can be recharged to 100% in less than 5 hours… and I say what else do you want

Dual Device Charging Slot

The UGREEN 10000mAh power pack comes with a GoPro hero 5/6 battery charging slot and USB port with a steady output of 5V 2.4A to power your camera simultaneously.
It simple as

  1. opening the backdoor
  2. slotting in the battery
  3. close back the charging slot and your GoPro battery starts charging automatically.

This Intelligent Detection & Automatic Charging Technology – Helps the power bank to detect any device plugged into it to start charging automatically without pressing the power button

This GoPro external power pack is Portable and lightweight at 230g only

What You Get

  • 1 x UGREEN 10000mAh Portable Power Pack
  • 1 x UGREEN Microfiber Carry Pouch
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Free 18-Month Warranty


  • Serves as both a charger for your GoPro batteries, a power bank for your devices, such as an apple watch, iPhone etc, and an external power source for your GoPro,  though it can’t beat the power juice of this power bank
  • It comes with a quality USB-C cable – which is a nice add-on, it just saved me a couple of bucks.
  • The construction is sleek, the rubber feels make it non-slippery.


  • I just wish it were waterproof, it would have been very useful when going skiing.
  • The 5V/2.4A charger advised is not added in the package, cause if you use a lower-rated charger it will take longer to recharge(i.e you need to purchase a charger)

Finally, I will Say the UGREEN 10000mAh GoPro Powerbank is sleek, portable, and reliable, I sincerely love it! Currently …charging my new Go Pro battery with it now.


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