GoPro 7 Battery Facts | Compatibility | replacement | Battery life

What battery does GoPro 7 use?

The Gopro Hero7 uses a 1220mAh Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Rated 4.40v which in fact is same as the removable battery for HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO (2018). It can be charged via a USB-C cable connected to the camera.


Does it use the same battery as the GoPro Hero 6?

The gopro Hero 7 Uses the same Battery as the Gopro Hero 6, but the later has a marginally improved battery life, considering the fact that GoPros are known for not having good battery life.


Does GoPro 7 have removable battery?

Hero 7 black has a removable battery but the GoPro 7 White and Hero7 Silver comes with an integrated battery unit, that are not removable battery.


How can I make my GoPro hero 7 battery last longer?

Use the lowest power consumption settings which is usually (1080 – 30) tune to make your Hero 7 Last longer. Also turn-off protune and set your white balance to auto.
Beware of using your gopro during harsh weather conditions i.e cold temperature this over work the battery.  Here are other 10 Ways to make your gopro battery last longer

Can you use Hero7 while charging?

You can use your Gopro hero7 while charging but you cant charge and record o simultaneously if you’re using the USB port on a computer i.e. your gopro is set to usb mode. Can you actually use your gopro Hero 6 or 7? I wrote an extensive article here

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