Finding the Best GoPro Car Mount for Your Needs

As a travel content creator, I’m always looking for ways to capture unique footage from adventurous angles. One of my favorite techniques is to mount my GoPro camera inside or outside my car to film POV driving videos. However, finding the right car mount can be tricky with so many options on the market.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to choose the best GoPro car mount based on your filming needs and budget. I’ll also provide top product recommendations, from industrial-strength suction cup mounts to more heavy-duty camera mounts, plus essential accessories like tethers. With the right gear, you’ll be ready to hit the road and create engaging GoPro driving videos!

Why Use a GoPro Car Mount?

Capturing driving footage with your GoPro opens up a whole new world of possibilities to showcase adventures on and off the road. Suction cup mounts allow you to stick your GoPro to the outside of a vehicle to capture road trips through unique angles. This lets viewers see the world from your perspective. Interior mounts are perfect for vlogging-style videos and capturing the reactions of passengers.

Benefits of using a car mount with your GoPro include:

  • Versatile shooting angles – Captures wide angle or tight POV footage from inside or outside vehicle
  • Enhances videos – Add energy and motion with moving b-roll driving sequences
  • Easy to install and move – Suction cups allow you to mount the camera quickly and reposition angles
  • A fun way to document trips – Show viewers new destinations from the driver’s seat

No matter what driving videos inspire you, from showcasing scenic routes to creating engaging vehicle reviews or challenges, the right car mount helps capture dynamic GoPro footage safely.

6 Key Factors for Choosing the Best GoPro Car Mount

With so many options for sticking or mounting your action camera in a car, it can get overwhelming to pick the right gear. Based on lots of firsthand testing and experience, here are the six most important factors I consider:

1. Mounting Method

GoPro car mounts connect to your car’s interior or exterior in a few main ways:

  • Suction cups – The most popular portable mount style; sticks via a vacuum seal
  • Adhesive mounts – Stick directly to smooth surfaces like dash or windows
  • Clamps – Grips onto car headrests or other edge surfaces
  • Specialty mounts – Custom shapes to fit specific vehicle types only

Suction cups offer the best versatility and portability to move the camera easily between multiple vehicles. But other methods like clamps or specialty mounts provide extra holding power in specific spots, giving you more flexibility to capture different angles.

If filming a long road trip across many days or weeks, I always pack multiple mount types to get creative with new camera perspectives.

2. Driving Speed & Road Conditions

Consider not just current highway driving, but any potential future fast-paced videos when picking a sturdy GoPro car mount. The mount you choose needs to firmly withstand the following variables:

  • Wind resistance – Profile and grip ability to handle rushing external airflow
  • Vibration – Shock absorbent padding and tight locking mechanisms to prevent shaking
  • Impact resistance – Durable design and quality manufacturing (thick industrial plastic + metal)
  • Speed – Strong vacuum seal and supplemental tethers suitable for highway speeds
  • Bumpy roads – Rigidity and shock absorption for rough gravel, dirt, or uneven terrain

While cheap mounts might perform fine at street speeds, you want gear built for high-velocity race cars or rugged off-roading to be safe.

3. Weatherproofing

Think about the extreme weather your GoPro mount will face in all your on-road and off-road adventures. Here are common environmental exposures:

  • Rain / humidity – Fogging and slipperiness
  • Snow and ice – Freezing, cracking, mount covers less grip
  • Extreme heat – Material distortions losing structure
  • Dust and debris – Blocking adhesives or suction seals

Look for GoPro mounts made of commercial-grade materials with weatherproof coatings. Suction cups made for glass surface adhesion withstand outdoor elements particularly well.

4. Mount Flexibility & Angle of View

More adjustable arms, tilt axes, and swivel points allow capturing more unique angles like:

  • Low POV hood shots
  • High overhead roof shots
  • Side view out driver’s window
  • Rotating external walkaround footage
  • Interior shots of driver & passenger reactions

But simpler mini mounts with fixed arms excel at straightforward road footage. Evaluate all your target video shots to choose extendable, rotatable flexibility or solid fixed simplicity.

5. Weight Restrictions

The car mount’s size, bulk, and weight will determine suitable positioning. Key factors:

  • Smaller mini mounts fit cramped dashboards
  • Low profile mounts avoid vehicle roof airflow
  • Multi-jointed adjustable mounts capture more angles but are heavy
  • Extra-strong suction cups support more weight

Most versatility allows switching between interior windshield to exterior vehicle placement. Just ensure it sticks and stays put in your desired filming location.

6. Budget for the Long Term Investment

Like any videography gear, you get what you pay for when shopping GoPro mounting equipment. Consider both:

  • Upfront mount cost – Cheaper is riskier in terms of safety and performance
  • Accessory expenses – Extra adhesives, ties, tools add up fast

From suction cups to industrial adhesive pads, surfaces that withstand years of driving conditions cost more. But protect your camera properly and it’s money well spent for awesome, engage driving sequences time and again.

Overview of Top GoPro Car Mount Recommendations

Now that you know what vehicle camera mount features to evaluate based on your GoPro gear and videos desired, here is a top list across a few key categories:

Best Suction Cup GoPro Mounts

Best Interior GoPro Car Mounts

Best Exterior Vehicle GoPro Mounts

  • GoPro Roll Bar Mount – Fits 1.4″-2.4” diameter tubes; great for rally race roll cages or truck cab frames
  • Sametop Flexible Tripod Mount – Windproof base secures to roofs, doors, bumpers nicely
  • GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp – handy adjustable clamp alternative to stickier suction cups

I’ll dive into the pros and cons of these best GoPro car mounting options in more detail shortly.

Essential GoPro Car Mounting Accessories

Don’t forget to use the following extra precautions and tools for a safer, better experience:

  • Camera tethers – Always secure camera to mount as a backup!
  • Surface cleaners – Prep glass and exterior car surfaces so suction cups adhere properly
  • Extra adhesive pads & anchors – For installing specialty mounts like clamps
  • External mics – Eliminate wind noise and capture clear driving audio

Next let’s explore some of my favorite GoPro car mounts currently available I’ve tested and recommend time and time again.

In-Depth Reviews of the Best GoPro Car Mounts

GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Best For: Quick yet sturdy portable stick-anywhere flexibility

This is the iconic official GoPro-branded suction cup mount you’ve likely seen in action camera videos and ads. The versatile portable design features:

  • Industrial strength suction – Proven safe at 150+ mph speeds
  • Smooth range of motion – Thanks to 3-way adjustable arm with tilt and rotational angles
  • Standard and quick-release bases – Makes moving or swapping easy
  • Draw-string bag included – Great for storing small parts

I like the compact size paired with the molded finger grips that make adjusting angles on the fly super simple. O-rings allow the mounting angle versatility too.

For all around flexible placement – think hood, roof, side panels or rear window – the GoPro suction cup accessory mount is an easy recommendation to start with.

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Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount

Best For: Maximum versatility across multiple usage needs

Delkin gear stands out as high-performing, extremely durable equipment designed for action camera enthusiasts like us. This Fat Gecko Triple Mount lives up that reputation as the most versatile heavy-duty GoPro car suction cup mount money can buy.

Designed for motorsports and extreme racing conditions (tested up to 210 mph!), the critical features delivering such stellar performance are:

  • Triple suction cup design – Massive grip surface area even on curved car bodies
  • 360° rotational angles – Captures any viewpoint thanks to segmented adjustments
  • Quick Release mounting – Makes moving camera a breeze while retaining positions
  • Integrated Cable Tie points – Keep wires out of view for clean looks

This mount sticks like glue even on uneven or semi-porous surfaces. While expensive for a car suction mount, the Delkin Fat Gecko gives industry-leading stability. Rest assured your GoPro camera investment stays protected on the road.

If you need just one mount to film general driving, racing, rugged off-roading AND more extreme activities like surfing or snowboarding, this is it!

[⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] – Simply the strongest most versatile GoPro suction cup mount money can buy. The rod arm allows significant extension too.

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Delkin Fat Gecko Mini GoPro Suction Cup Mount

Best For: Incredibly tiny yet mighty grip & low-profile perspective

Just like its big brother above, this mini suction cup mount carries Delkin’s trusted reputation for quality craftsmanship. Only it comes in a deceptively compact form factor.

But don’t let the small size fool you…The Fat Gecko Mini packs impressive performance specs:

  • Commercial grade suction cup – Proven high speed safety just in smaller package
  • Low profile perspective – Places camera inches from mounting surface
  • Mini quick release – Makes angle changes faster during shoots
  • Multiple color blends available – Axis Black, Axis Gear White and Signature Series

I love the tiny footprint fitting into tight spaces big mounts can’t, like my car’s dash and windshield trim. Flat mounting gives a unique close-up driving view unlike higher anchored GoPro positions. Very useful for tight or obstructed shooting locations in all vehicles.


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**[⭐⭐⭐⭐✩]** - Expect signature Delkin quality with unrivaled compactness; just lacks versatile motion of larger mounts. A perfect complimentary piece alongside the Triple Mount.

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Sametop Flexible GoPro Car Mount

Best For: 360-degree surface wrapping base for exterior vehicle filming

Instead of suction cups, the Sametop Flexible Tripod Mount takes a unique approach to sticking your GoPro. It works by completely confroming to curved car surfaces.

The benefits of such adaptive wrapping capability are:

  • 360-degree flexibility – Literally wraps entire base around objects
  • Extra thick gel padding – Creates windproof grip barrier
  • Telescoping extension rod – Perfect high angle overhead shots
  • Cold shoe adapter – Allows mounting lights or mics securely

So whether you need to plant your GoPro low on on a bumper, underneath a roofline, or high up on roof, this mount anchors where few can. It just takes more effort to initially setup the perfect molding and placement. But once set, the hold is incredibly reliable even at high speeds.

[⭐⭐⭐✩✩] - Innovative grip technology for tricky exterior placement positions but requires more time to perfectly install.

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Best For: Maximum interior cabin flexibility clamping onto various vehicle frames and posts

Sometimes suction cups just don’t work in your desired filming spot. That’s when sturdy adjustable clamps like the GoScope come in handy for getting the right GoPro angle inside your car’s tight spaces.

Custom engineered to grip a wide range of diameter tubes, frames and posts, the GoScope features:

  • Silicone padded claws – Provide firm yet gentle contact grip
  • Quick release buckles – Allow easy repositioning between locations
  • 1 year replacement guarantee – Demonstrates quality build confidence

I like using this arm brace clamp on my driver’s seat headrest post. From there it can snake forward and backward while maintaining a locked steady road viewpoint. The ability to then toggle between front and rear posts makes this such a flexible interior mounting option for capturing in-cabin reactions.

[⭐⭐⭐✩✩] - Very specialized utility piece; the adjustable gripping arms lock securely onto a wide range of factory mounting points inside cars.

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Essential GoPro Car Mount Accessories

Using a few key accessories alongside your preferred GoPro car mount enhances both performance and filming results immensely:

Camera Tethers

As a failsafe, always tether your GoPro camera to the car – even when using heavyweight suction or specialty mounts. This ensures the camera won’t detach completely in the rare case a mount gives out at speed. A simple sturdy camera tie connected to interior door frames or seat posts easily saves thousands of dollars worth of gear.

Surface Cleaners

Dirty car exteriors negatively affect suction cup adhesion. Save yourself the headache down the road by using rubbing alcohol or dedicated surface cleanser wipes on the precise area before sticking on mounts. Try cleaning the suction cups themselves as well. The small effort goes a long way to achieving rock solid mounts.

Adhesives & Fasteners

3M taping pads let you permanently install some mount types like clamps on internal surfaces like dashboards and windshields if desired. While semi-permanent, removing adhesive residue takes more effort. I suggest cleanable suction cups whenever possible instead.

For exterior mounts, investing a few zip ties or tight bungee cords to tie stabilizing wires to existing vehicle anchors complements any suction cup or vehicle frame attachment. Prevent swaying camera motion or mount loosening over time.

External Microphone

Built-in GoPro mics often pick up undesired ambient noises like rushing wind and loud engines. You want clear audio capturing your reactions or narration. Clip-on lavalier microphones situated closer to the cabin interior eliminates distracting background noises for professional driving sequence videos.

Main Takeaways – Choosing Your GoPro Car Mount

Picking the right car camera mount that safely holds your GoPro during driving adventures means considering:

  • Mounting style
  • Filming conditions
  • Flexibility
  • Vehicle placement
  • Budget

Start with name brand suction cups like the GoPro branded or Delkin models. Reliable adhesion paired with adjustable angle arms offers superb filming versatility for standard road driving videos. Sturdy suction mounts withstand speeds over 150 mph when attached properly.

Combine interior view clamps with strong exterior mounts for multi-angle views showing both driver reactions and road footage simultaneously.

Tethers act as an extra safety net for suction cups at high speeds, securing your pricey camera if mounts unexpectedly let go. They also reduce vibration motion blur.

As you push limits with rugged off-roading or extreme racing, invest in commercial-grade, heavy-duty equipment designed for intense impacts and forces. Avoid cheaper options failing at critical moments.

Using the right camera mount opens a whole new world of engaging GoPro creativity on the move. Just remember prioritizing durability helps you safely capture awesome POV driving sequences road trip after road trip.

Now grab your preferred car mount, prep the gear, and hit the open road ready to chronicle the next memorable journey!

FAQs about GoPro Car Mounts

Q1: Why use a GoPro car mount for shooting driving videos? A1: GoPro car mounts provide a unique and dynamic perspective, allowing you to capture exciting adventures on the road and obtain b-roll footage from different viewpoints.

Q2: What are the important factors to consider when selecting a car mount for GoPro? A2: Consider factors such as mounting method (suction cups, screws, straps, clamps, adhesive), driving speed, weather conditions, types of footage (POV, wide-angle, road shots), weight, bulk, and the overall price.

Q3: What are the top GoPro car mounts mentioned in the article? A3: The top GoPro car mounts include the Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Mount, Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Suction Cup Mount, GoPro Suction Cup Mount, SublimeWare Suction Cup, Tackform Solutions Headrest Mount, and GoPro Tether.

Q4: What features does the Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Mount offer? A4: The Delkin Fat Gecko Three-Arm Mount offers three mounting points for stability, six angle adjustment points, and versatility to be mounted on various surfaces like cars, bikes, and boards.

Q5: What makes the GoPro Suction Cup Mount reliable? A5: The GoPro Suction Cup Mount is easy to use, has adjustable arms for different angles, and is known for its reliability as a car mount.

Q6: How does the Tackform Solutions Headrest Mount stand out? A6: The Tackform Solutions Headrest Mount can be attached to either the front or back seat and features a 10.75-inch airline-grade aluminum arm for stability.

Q7: Why is the GoPro Tether important when using a car mount? A7: The GoPro Tether has a simple yet effective design that securely keeps the camera attached, preventing accidental falls or detachment during use.

Q8: What factors should be considered regarding mounting methods for GoPro car mounts? A8: Consider suction cups, screws, straps, clamps, and adhesive methods, evaluating the pros and cons of each for your specific use case.

Q9: How does driving speed affect the choice of a GoPro car mount? A9: Driving speed influences factors such as wind resistance and the strength needed in a car mount, making it crucial to select a mount that can withstand the conditions.

Q10: What role do weather conditions play in choosing a GoPro car mount? A10: Consider weather conditions like rain, snow, and dirt, and opt for a car mount with waterproofing to protect your GoPro during adverse weather.

Q11: Why is weight an important consideration when choosing a GoPro car mount? A11: Lighter mounts are typically better, as they add minimal weight to your setup, making it more convenient for shooting on the go.

Q12: How does the price factor into selecting a GoPro car mount? A12: Consider both the upfront cost and any additional accessories required, ensuring the chosen car mount fits your budget and meets your specific needs.