Increasing (4x) your Gopro battery Life - 2019 TOP 10 TIPS 2

Increasing (4x) your Gopro battery Life – 2019 TOP 10 TIPS

Ever wished your gopro had a better battery life?

You are not alone in this, as reduce battery life is the trade off for shooting high frame rate and large images with your action camera.

  1. First off, if you’re not shooting, turn the camera off
  2. Always update your gopro firmware to the latest version, this will enable you reduce software lagging and optimize power usage.
  3. Only Use original or recommended third party battery to power your gopro hero3 or hero4
  4. Beware of bacpac(s) because the live off you gopro battery, case study is the use of the LCD Touch Bacpac which reduces your battery life to about 30mins, rather Utilize “auto power off setting” in your gopro camera
  5. Use up your gopro battery first to like before recharging, to allow your battery undergo full charge cycle. This will help maximize the battery lifetime.
  6. NOTE: always store your battery semi-charged, This actually helps maximize the health of the battery during long storage
  7. Use the lowest power consumption settings which is usually (1080 – 30) tune off protune and set your white balance to auto
  8. Beware of using your gopro during harsh weather conditions i.e cold temperature this over work the battery
  9. Turn of the blinking red light from your settings menu i.e. Go to Set> hit the “on” button 8 times> Change BLO to BLF to save you some battery juice
  10. Use external Power source such as a gopro power bank or voltaic solar system, when recording for a longer period of time to avoid swapping and weakening the battery cell.

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