Can you use gopro while charging?

I know first-hand the frustration of capturing only snippets of exciting expeditions due to short battery life. Nothing worse than scaling a giant sand dune or shredding an intense wave, only to have your GoPro die part way through!

But fear no more as you CAN use your GoPro Hero 6 or 7 while it’s charging. Although I’ll get into the specifics of these two models below, both support charging via external power sources so you can record nonstop action.

In this  guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know, including:

  • Confirming charging capabilities for Hero 6 and 7
  • Recommended charging methods
  • Tips for seamless performance

And more!

Can You Use GoPro Hero 6 While Charging?

Short answer – yes! I’ve tested my GoPro Hero 6 while powered through various USB chargers and external battery packs.

The footage remains crisp and clear, even while charging. from an AC outlet, car charger, or high-capacity power bank. No lags, freezes, or shutdowns.

So feel free to capture ultra-HD 4K videos, crystal 12MP photos, and more without worrying about your Hero 6 battery dying prematurely. Just be sure to use charging accessories with adequate power delivery (more details shortly).

Some users report warmer temperatures when operating and charging simultaneously – that’s normal. Just don’t enclose your GoPro or leave it directly in sunlight.

And as always, keep the ports protected from water/debris for safe charging.

Can You Use GoPro Hero 7 While Charging?

Like it’s close sibling, YES – the GoPro Hero 7 also lets you shoot stellar content while charging externally.

I regularly use my Hero 7 Black plugged into wall outlets and battery banks for hours of mountain biking, surfing, and hiking footage. Performance remains strong with no system crashes.

The Hero 7 does seem to run marginally cooler than the Hero 6 during charging usage thanks to some internal improvements. But slight warmth is still expected.

So again, no concerns with using your Hero 7 while powered – just take sensible precautions. A few quick tips:

  • Check charger/cable condition before each use
  • Position away from direct high-heat sources
  • Keep the USB port clean and dry

And enjoy capturing your adventures without annoying battery anxiety!

Recommended Charging Methods While Using GoPro

Both the Hero 6 and 7 allow charging via any standard USB power source. But some options let you power LONGER than others.

Here are my top accessory recommendations for charging your GoPro while recording:

Wall/Auto Chargers

Your GoPro battery may last only 1-2 hours normally. But plugged into wall, car, or external battery chargers you can potentially capture footage indefinitely!

  • For best performance, use chargers with a 5V/2A (minimum) output. This gives sufficient power for simultaneous charging and usage without draining the charger itself.
  • I’d avoid cheaper ‘dollar store’ chargers – they often can’t deliver enough output. Spend a few extra dollars for a quality charger built to charge tablets and other higher-draw devices.
  • For in-car charging, get an adapter that plugs into the 12V car outlet/cigarette lighter. It converts the 12V DC to standard 5V USB required by your GoPro.

External Battery Packs

Portable USB battery packs (power banks) work great to charge and use GoPros on-the-go.

  • Choose at least a 10,000 mAh capacity or higher battery bank for best performance. This will deliver enough sustained power over several hours of hiking, biking, etc.
  • Opt for lithium-polymer battery technology – it charges faster, keeps a charge longer during storage, and is lighter weight.
  • Bring multiple fully-charged battery banks for all-day power! Swap between packs whenever one runs low. Or supplement with wall/auto charging when possible.

AC Power Outlets

For stationary indoor charging, simply plug your GoPro into any open AC wall outlet.

  • Use the official GoPro 3′ USB-C cable for enough length to position your camera freely while keeping recorder noises away from the built-in mic.
  • Connecting a charging extension cord gives even more flexibility to mount your GoPro in ideal recording positions across an entire room.
  • Plugging directly into wall outlets avoids battery drain concerns with external chargers. Just ensure no risk of tripping over cords during active shoots!

Tips for Seamless Charging Performance

While both the Hero 6 and 7 perform well during charging usage, a bit of care will prevent potential hiccups:

  • Update your GoPro to the latest firmware – this improves charging efficiency and heat management. Connect to the mobile app or PC app to check for updates.
  • Inspect the charger port for debris before connecting – gently clear any lint or dirt with canned air to maintain full power transfer.
  • Check your existing battery health via the ‘Battery Info’ setting. If capacity drops below 70%, consider replacing for optimal runtime.
  • When shooting outdoor activities, bring your GoPro and batteries indoors to warm up first if coming from cold weather storage. Heat is easier to manage at warm ambient starting temps.
  • For EXTENDED charging sessions, set your GoPro in a ventilated case rather than fully enclosed. This allows internal heat to dissipate better.

That covers the key points for seamlessly running your Hero 6 or 7 while powered externally. Now get out there and capture your next pulse-pounding adventure without worrying about battery life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some nagging questions? Here I’ll tackle some of the most common queries about using GoPro Hero models while charging:

What resolution/frame rate can I shoot?

You can use all of the Hero 6 and Hero 7’s standard video modes while charging, up to gorgeous 4K60 resolution. In my experience, charging performance remains consistent across all settings.

Can I charge the battery simultaneously?

Actually, the internal battery does NOT charge while the camera is being actively used. The GoPro relies solely on direct power from the charger itself during shooting. Once you power OFF the camera, then normal battery charging resumes.

Do I need the battery inserted?

No – both the Hero 6 and 7 allow ‘battery-free’ operation while plugged into external charging sources. You can remove the internal battery entirely and the GoPro will run fully via USB power.

What accessories do you recommend?

My top picks are:

High-quality accessories that won’t let you down during remote adventures!

I hope this guide has helped explain using your GoPro Hero 6 or 7 while charging. Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m happy to help fellow action camera enthusiasts.

Now get out there, be safe, and capture some epic memories!


  1. Im trying to use my Gopro 7 as a dash cam, Ive attached a USB lead to the Gopro and then other end into my USB port on my car.
    Whilst I see the red charging light on when my car engine is running I cannot use the record function on my Gopro
    Can you advise please. I also have a Gopro Hero 5 Black but haven’t tried to use this as a dash cam

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