Gopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger

The ability to cover and event for a long period of time is in the amount of juice you have left on your batteries. Gopro Hero7 or Hero5 Batteries typical last for approximately two hours depending on the “mode” settings your are on. Adding other factors the drains battery power like, cold weather condition, using wifi features. etc

Gopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger 1Gopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger 2

Do you prefer to carry multiple batteriesGopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger 3 along on a trip or just get a good powerbank for your gopro Read along as I will share some pros and cons.


Last month I had to capture some footage for a live event which lasted about 9hrs, I had with me 3 gopro batteries and a dual charge and an Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable power bankGopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger 4Gopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger 5.

Just to show you how reliable a gopro setup with a portable power pack is

Throughout the event I never change batteries but used this Power bank while recording on 1080p 30fps and streaming via wifi to my phone for a complete 8hrs 23 min with some juice still left on the power pack., isnt it amazing?

Have also had a friend that recorded a 7 hour auction with his Gopro Hero 5 strapped with a Ravpower battery pack he got off Amazon for $18.

Come to think of it, with a power bank for your gopro which you can get for like 20 – 30 bucks, you can have enough power to capture overnight time laspe.

Generally I just prefer to use an external power pack to power my gopro cause

  • It hassle free, less load
    You dont need to worry about how to pack some extra batteries in your gopro case
  • No need for charge on location
    One power bank serve several purpose like, charging your phones and other mobile devices with your gopro simultaneously
  • No need to change batteries abruptly when taking timelaspe
    Take timelaspe straight without attention or fear of losing power
  • Gopro Power Banks Last way longer than extra gopro batteries
    I typical 10,000mah external power pack will equate to approximately 4 time a full charge battery

Though the are some cons, If you encounter issues while using an external power pack with your gopro read the is article here Gopro powerbank | Charging your Gopro with an External Battery Source

Show issues you might encounter include:-

  • Overheating problem while charging
    This is caused by using a power bank with the recommended output of 5V 2A, this will cause you to fry your board.
  • Taking way to long to recharge a single 10,000mah Power Bank
    A Power Bank might power your gopro for like 9hrs same way it will take not less than 5hrs to recharge, so make a compromise
  • No thermal protection for the gopro charged with an external power pack.
    Generally this is a hearsay… I have been using powerbanks to charge my gopro, and I hasve never had issues.
  • Cost of Purchasing a Reliable Gopro Power Bank?
    USB Powerbanks from Anker and Ravpower are of High Quality and quite cheap, dont get caught by the price of Gopro’s OEM Power Bank, it is just a rip-off

Note: If you are using a Gopro Hero 3 or Hero4 Get an eliminator cable,  it is just like a battery plugged in to your camera with a 10ft long usb cord attached to it, which you can just plug it into a power bank, its come with a backdoor case

Gopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger 1Gopro Powerbank Vs Extra Batteries with Dual Charger 2

Incase you still prefer to carry multiple batteries in you case, check out this MIBOTE Rechargeable Battery 3 Pack x 1500mAh and Triple Charger for GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 7 Black


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