The Smatree SmaCase travel case are the perfect companion for GoPro users. They are made of high quality ABS Material, with all having excellent interior made from high quality, custom-cut Eva foam insert, which is soft and durable and fits all accessories in a fix position. it also comes with an elastic mesh pocket coupled with a durable zipper for storing cables and other accessories.

SMAtree SMAcase are known to be top notch, light weight with varying sizes depending on the model. Smacases are compatible with all GoPros. They are compatible with all GoPros. It is no doubt the most compact in size, functional, light-weight, and inexpensive gopro cases you could get

It also provide compartment for various accessories such as:-

  • Extra batteries
  • Head strap
  • Remote
  • Gopro mount thumbscrew
  • floaty back and main more


Here are some unique feature of the Smatree SmaCase:-


The Built is of Good quality with the interior made of Eva -Foam which is easily customizable to fit any gopro accessory in your kit.


Help keep gears organized and safe. They offer your gears, good protection from everyday bumps and also compact enough to adapts as a stow case.


Some are made to be a floaty waterproof case with ample storage space to match.


The size, quality and price varies with the different model of the case, but not withstanding all the SMAtree SMAcase are of superb standard. Example is the



This is a small compact, lightweight case that is fitted with a pre-cut Eva foam to fit all types of gopro accessories your could think of. It is the cheapest of all models



This is a rugged case made of an ABS material with all the bells and whistles, it is crushproof, waterproof, and dust proof. No Jams because there are no zippers, and it floats. GA700-2 Can hold up to 2 Gopros and Accessories at a time.



The Smatree SmaCase GA700-2 GOPRO CASE is an A+ item in my gopro kit, keeping all my accessories safe. Check out reviews on amazon.


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