ODRVM | The Best Power Bank for Gopro with Dual Battery Charging Compartment

Looking for the best external power source to power your GoPro, try this ODRVM USB 5V-2.1A Gopro Power Bank with Dual Battery Charging Compartment

The ODRVM power bank allows you to charge your GoPro battery while making use of your GoPro with ease. Though ✔️ This specific External Power Pack for Gopro is the most popular with GoPro users, the ODRVM GoPro power beats it with the availability of a battery charging compartment.

Have written and in-depth guide on using an external power source and gave some Power Banks Recommendation  for GoPro Users – check it out, you’ll love it

The ODRVM Gopro power bank is available in Black, blue and white color and has a ton of 5-star reviews. If you can get it under $60, grab it. That’s a great deal for a GoPro power bank! (see color choices, current price & Reviews here).


Keep your GoPro shooting with the new ODRVM Action Camera Accessories Kit (for Go Pro Action Camera Battery Power Bank) that comes with 2  battery charging ports that’s compatible with GoPro Hero 5,6 or 7. It gives you the perfect way to charge your batteries when on the move without tying it up to the camera or depending on a wall socket.

What I really Like About this Gopro Power Bank

  1.  ODRVM Action Camera Accessories Kit is built-rugged with a Silicone case, which efficiently prevents dust, water, and shock.
  2. The ODRVM Gopro Power bank has a 5200mAh lithium battery, which can give you
    a.   four full charge of your GoPro battery
    b.   2 full charge of your standard android phone,
    c.   4 full charges of your iPod or 6 full charge of your smartwatch.
  3. This guy is lightweight, at about 230.5g (only 33g heavier than iPhone 7 – it is quite suitable for a traveling backup external power source.

ODRVM 5200mAH | Key Take Away

  • 5200mAh High Capacity
  • Compatibility with Go pro Action Camera
  • Portable Travelling Backup Power Bank
  • LED Light Battery Status

The Separate GoPro dual battery chambers are also compatible with AKASO( not V50), Crosstour, Campark, APEMAN, DBPOWER (NOT N6/EX 7000), Victure, FITFORT, TEC.BEAN, EKEN, ODRVM, SOOCOO, Difini, Amuoc, Yuntab, WeyTy, DROGRACE, WeiMeiFang, TecBillion, Buiejdog, Bekhic, OnLyee, homkm, ThiEYE (NOT T5e), Review XP 4K, iGank 4K, HEIHEI, OnLyee, TecTecTec , Aokon, SJCAM SJ4000 SJ5000 series, Legazone series and all brand of SJ7000.

Check the Current Price of  ODRVM Action Camera Accessories Kit on Amazon

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