Cleaning your Gopro | Products to Use and Precautions

There are many ways you could clean your gopro easily leaving no fingerprints, dust, smudges or streaks. That why in this post I will show you how to effectively clean your gopro from dirt, accidental fingerprint or saltwater and precautions to take to avoid scratching or damaging your camera.

How to Clean your Gopro

Generally, after using your camera in salt water or muddy environment, you be left with grains of sand and dirt all of the body and lens:

  1. The first step is to simply remove the camera from its case taking care to avoid considerable pieces of dirt and sand
  2. Rinse it your gopro with lukewarm fresh water, preferably running water to loosen up debris, salt, and sand.

  3. If the dirt is hard to get off, soak your gopro for at least 15 minutes to get it off.
  4. Once the gopro is reasonably dry – spray a light coat of Rain-X  Coat on the

    lens and the outer part of the case only. Wipe clean and dry with your screen/lens cloth. This helps prevent water, bubble up in front of the lens.
  5. Then dry it with a soft lint-free cloth preferably a recommended Microfiber Cloth

The reason cotton cloths or wool are ok for use in cleaning your gopro is that they all seem to shed cotton fibers which can lead to leaks in the rubber seal. 🙂


  • Avoid scratches on your lens surface at all cost by blowing off the debris first with compressed air especially when cleaning the lens. Don’t use your breath because it contains some chemicals that can affect the coating on your lens.
  • Avoid inserting any foreign object
  • Be sure to take to protect any exposed ports from water especially when removing the doors

TIPs: Always Use Screen protectors for gopros to prevent scratches on the front and back screen would

What is the best GoPro Lens Cleaner?

  1. I usually recommend using a recommended microfiber Cloth when cleaning your lens, the don’t use an isopropyl alcohol product to avoid the strange smudgy look on the outside of your lens which damages your outer coating.
  2. If debris becomes lodged between your lens and the trim ring, flush it out with water or air. Please don’t peak on your lens with foreign objects to avoid lines or scratches.

Alcohol-Free Gopro Lens Cleaner

There is a very small and practical: easy to use tool, you can check it out here: this will come out and go back in your pocket in a second. Keeping your gopro lens clean is important to increase their life span, plus filming outdoor can mean dust and dirt appearing in your footage.

I recommend Cleaning your GoPro lens safely, easily and quickly with GoPole Lenspen – Compact Lens Cleaner for GoPro HERO Cameras – This is a pen-like brush tool with a flexible chamois cleaning tip that removes fingerprints, dust, and blemishes.

Why I Just love this tool for cleaning my lens

  •  It fits in your pocket or case.
  • No need any spray of chemical – essentially have avoided the usage of alcohol as a cleaning agent.
  • It is quick, very precise! and easy to use.

First, clean your lens, then simply wipe away excess with the retractable ultra-fine brush.

Gopro Lenspen has a chamois on its tip and the other end is a retractable fine bristle brush. You’ll never struggle with cleaning cloths again, I will recommend you add this to your bag right away!

Check Out Gopole Lenspen Review and Current Price on Amazon


Remember Cleaner lens = clearer footage!

The Buttons

If the buttons are sticking, remove the side door and repeatedly press the button under running water to dislodge debris from the button crevices.

The Microphone

after Cleaning Your Gopro, ensure your blow out water and debris from the microphone holes, this is to ensure the best audio performance. Avoid using compressed air to avoid damage to the internal waterproof membrane of your mic hole.

Cleaning Heavily Dried Mud on your Gopro

Sometimes you think, rinsing your gopro casing with water isn’t enough for the stickiest mud and other crap, but the good old warm water will always do the trick.

You don’t need to use any sort of cleaning product. Just Soak your gopro in warm water for like 15 minutes, and use a spray nozzle to clean out stubborn debris from the cracks. To avoid blurry images afterward, avoid rubbing too hard on the lens area, else you will scratch it.

Cleaning out white residue from your Battery Door and Side Door

Hero 6 and 7 are good without a dive housing for like 10m but the aftermath of using your gopro without a casing in the ocean or salt water results in the formation of white salt like residue behind your battery door and side door. Usually, this formation, become visible after days of the initial cleaning.

You may have asked what’s the best way to clean it out in order to maintain the internal metal hardware

To clean up dry salt build up in the battery area after using it in the ocean:

  1. Use a gopole lenspen to brush off the salt residue
  2. Then Re-wash your gopro again with warm water avoiding the silicone seal

Do you have any tools or tips to prolong the life of your gear! please do share in the comment section below


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