The Best Smatree GoPro Case for Your Needs: A Comparison Guide

As an adventure photographer and extreme sports enthusiast, having a durable and reliable GoPro case is essential for protecting my gear on rugged expeditions. After testing a wide variety of options over the years, I’ve found Smatree’s cases to offer the best combination of protection, portability, and value. In this hands-on review, I’ll compare Smatree’s key GoPro case models to help you find the perfect pick for your needs and budget in 2024.

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From rock-solid hard shells to flexible soft cases, Smatree SMAcase delivers heavy-duty carrying solutions built to safeguard your action cam through even the most intense activities.

Quick Takeaways:

  • Smatree’s hard shell cases provide maximum impact protection with dustproof, crushproof and water-resistant options to choose from.
  • Soft shell cases prioritize lightweight portability and affordability over ruggedness.
  • Look for key features like customizable foam inserts, mesh accessory pockets, carrying handles and bag attachments.
  • Prices range from budget-friendly picks under $20 up to ultra-protective models over $50.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the factors that differentiate Smatree’s lineup of GoPro cases as I compare my real-world testing notes across four key criteria:

Protection Levels

Protecting my GoPro cameras with an exterior shell resilient enough to absorb drops, dings, and dunks is a top priority for me. Smatree offers cases across the durability spectrum – here’s how they stack up:

Hard Shell GoPro Cases

Smatree’s hard shell cases provide the ultimate in impact absorption and rugged performance. The exterior is made from durable ABS plastic or polycarbonate formulated to resist cracks and fractures.

Smatree GA700 3 Waterproof Hard Case Compatible for GoPro Hero The Best Smatree GoPro Case for Your Needs: A Comparison Guide

Most models utilize a tight sealing o-ring gasket and automatic pressure release valve for water resistance up to 30 minutes at depths down to 10 feet. The GA700-3 specifically carries an impressive IP68 rating making it fully dust and waterproof.

Hard shells are also the way to go if you need to lock your case. Some feature stainless steel padlock holes for dialing up security.

Soft Shell GoPro Cases

While not as brawny as hard shells, Smatree’s soft cases still provide ample protection for day-to-day use at half the weight.

Typically made out of durable EVA material or ballistic nylon, soft cases aren’t fully water or dust proof but can resist moisture, dirt, and splashes.

Smatree G260SL Carrying Case The Best Smatree GoPro Case for Your Needs: A Comparison Guide

I use my Smatree G260SL soft case on most weekend adventure outings where I don’t need hardcore armor but still want peace of mind from bumps and spills inside my backpack. For maximum affordability, it gets the job done!

Key Models: GS75, G260SL

Storage Capacity

A properly fitting case that neatly houses all of my GoPro accessories is paramount for organization. Let’s explore how Smatree cases size up:

Smatree cases range from snug single camera carrying capacity up to multi-GoPro storage monsters. The G350D even provides room for a DJI drone!

Hard shell and larger models include Customizable “Pick N’ Pluck” foam inserts allowing you to sculpt compartments perfect for your gear collection. I’m easily able to fit 2-3 GoPro bodies, extra batteries, multiple mounting arms, cables, and other essential accessories in my G260.

Elastic bands lining the interior help grip accessories while mesh pockets give additional overflow storage. I use the external zippered compartment to stash memory cards and lenses free from dust.

Watertight case models offer less open layout customization but make up for it with securely molded crevices for key components.

With options spanning portable minimalism to studio shop-style space, you’re sure to find a Smatree case to house all of your must-haves!

Key Models: G260, G160B, GA700-2 (for capacity)

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Smatree G260 Case Showing Customizable Interior Foam


When I’m motorbiking down to the coast or trekking into the alpine backcountry, weight and mobility are high priorities. Here’s how Smatree cases rank on portability:

As expected, soft shell cases take the prize when it comes to lightweight performance and flexibility while hard shells offer more intentional case architecture.

Soft cases tips the scales around 0.5 lbs whereas heavy-duty plastic shells measure 1-2 lbs. When every ounce counts on your next airline adventure, going soft could be the call. That said, some hard cases offer handy exterior attachment points for clipping onto backpacks.

The general sizing feels ergonomically dialed across Smatree’s catalog – no unwieldy briefcase or poker chip models here! Handles are grippy, hardware fits nicely in the hand, and popular sizes slide effortlessly into most daypacks.

I’d only caution bulking up for extended journeys. The cavernous G350D or stacked double decker cases push carry-on limits. Be sure to check your specific airline guidelines.

Key Models: G260SL (soft case), GA700-2 (hard case w/ backpack attachments)

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Smatree GA700-2 Hard Shell Case with Exterior Attachment Points


With such a wide span of protection, capacity and portability needs, Smatree offers GoPro cases across the budgetary range. Here’s an overview:

Budget $15-25 – Soft shells like the G260SL and smaller hard cases offer simple and affordable protection perfect for letting the kids borrow the GoPro!

Mid Range $25-50 – The storage focused G260, durable GS75 or middle sized hard shells cover more typical 1-2 GoPro and light accessory use at a reasonable spend.

Heavy Duty $50+ – Serious outdoor shooters need to check out Smatree’s high end hard shells like the GA700-2. They offer enhanced impact security with maximum interior space worthy of your expensive gear investments.

I suggest tallying up your must-have components and factoring in replacement costs. Splurging on a spacious bombproof case now could save you money over time!

Smatree GoPro Case Comparison Chart


Smatree GoPro Case Usage Recommendations

With so many case varieties, it can get overwhelming finding your ideal match. To quickly narrow down the choices, start by asking yourself these key questions:

How extreme are your adventures? Choose ultra protective hard shells for intense activities with higher breaking risk. Prioritize IP68 models if watersports are involved. Soft shells work for mellower outings.

What capacity do you need? Bigger cameras and fuller accessory collections demand more real estate so size up accordingly. Customizable inserts provide ultimate configurability.

Will you travel far distances? When trekking miles into the wilderness or catching flights, cut down on pack weight with lightweight soft cases. Some hard shells attach externally.

What’s your budget comfort? Thankfully Smatree spans the gamut from wallet-friendly basics under $20 to bomb shelters over $50 with solid mid-range options too.

I suggest the G260 as the best all-arounder but encourage you to reflect on your unique needs above to reveal your ideal match!

My Go-To: Smatree G260l Case

Smatree G260SL Carrying Case The Best Smatree GoPro Case for Your Needs: A Comparison Guide

If I had to pick just one Smatree case to use across all my adventures, the G260 soft shell case gets my vote. Here’s why it works well as a versatile year-round option:

  • Offers balanced protection for everyday use at just under a pound
  • Fits 2-3 GoPro cameras with space for numerous accessories
  • Customizable foam inserts allows configuring the perfect layout
  • External mesh and zippered pockets enable superior small item organization
  • Looks sleek in the black colorway while resisting moisture and dust ingress

I throw the G260 case inside my hiking backpack on sunny summer trail outings and it holds up just as nicely stashed in my snowboarding cargo pants on epic winter powder days. The storage capacity gives me flexibility to grab-and-go with multiple possible shooting angles tailored exactly for the day’s adventure!

While it may not offer hardcore drop protection needed on rock climbing endeavors or complete waterproofing required for whitewater rafting photographer missions, I’ve found the G260 sexual in protecting my GoPro investment across 90% of my escapades this past year. Unless you have ultra extreme use cases, it certainly gets my recommendation as the convenient one-case solution for most!

Show Image

My trusty Smatree G260L soft shell case coming on almost any adventure throughout the year!

The Takeaway

I hope this hands-on comparison of key factors across Smatree’s lineup of stellar GoPro cases helps you zero in on the perfect protective companion for your prized action camera!

They offer a case to suit any portability, capacity, budgetary and activity ruggedness needs you may have as an outdoors photographer hobbyist or pro content creator so take your time making the choice. Safety first!

While I personally keep a few different options tailored for my common use profiles, having a do-it-all soft case like the G260l for everyday excursions keeps organization simple. And when heading out to shoot in more rowdy elements, I upgrade accordingly knowing my gear investment remains shielded.

Here’s to capturing epic footage and photos on your future adventures with a trusty Smatree case along for the journey! Feel free to drop any questions in the comments section below.

Gear on my friends… just secure it tightly in a Smatree protective case first!


Q: How durable are Smatree’s hard GoPro cases?

A: The heavy duty hard shell cases like the GA700-2 are virtually indestructible to common drops, dings and dunks while out shooting. They’re constructed from impact absorbing materials that resist cracks and fractures even when significantly compressed or submerged temporarily in water. Testers have driven over them with trucks and tossed off roofs with GoPro gear intact! Lockable models offer max security.

Q: Why choose a Smatree GoPro case over competitors?

A: Through my testing, two key advantages shine through – value for money based on quality of materials and design at relatively affordable pricing plus truly customizable, compartmentalized interior spacing catering specifically to GoPro cameras and accessories. The Pick N’ Pluck foam options are excellent. They also offer great variety to suit any portability and protection needs.

Q: How many GoPros and accessories can Smatree cases fit?

A: It ranges quite a bit! On the portable end, mini hard shells like the G100 tackle 1 GoPro with basics. In the middle, soft shells like the G260 swallow 2-3 bodies and accessories aplenty. On the high-end, spacious interiors like the G350D welcome 3-5 cameras and extras while still leaving room drone storage. Bigger is not always better though if you value light weight. Assess your needs!

Q: What sets Smatree cases apart from standard GoPro cases?

A: Most notably, the customizable foam inserts in Smatree’s cases take storage flexibility to the next level allowing you to sculpt unique compartments perfect for your gear. This level of customizability is not found in GoPro’s own branded cases. Also, hard and soft shell options span more protection and portability preferences depending on the user’s needs.

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