Best Portable Power Bank for Gopro Hero 5 and Smartphones

The GoPro Hero 5 Black is packed with a 1220mAh, 4.40V lithium-ion battery which allows you to record on 4k video mode for about 1h 20mins. As a videographer, this might provide enough time to cover an event. Options like getting an extra battery might come to mind, but using a power bank to power your GoPro Hero 5 beats it by a mile in helping you achieve longer recording time. It is versatile and less bulky to setup which I recommend to every GoPro user.

Best Portable Power Bank for Gopro Hero 5 and Smartphones 1

✔️ This specific External Power Pack for Gopro is the most popular with gopro users.
It’s Available in Black and white color and has a ton of 5-star reviews. If you can get it under $60, grab it. That’s a great deal for a gopro power bank! (see color choices, current price & Reviews here).

It is our recommended GoPro Power Bank. With three 4A power outlet for rapid charging. Some of it uniqueness comes from being Compact and lightweight. With the latest PowerIQ Technology, it is adapted for Gopro Hero 5 and can also power your iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other electronic gadgets

This article will provide solutions to questions found in forums such as:-

  1. Can a power bank be used to charge my GoPro Hero 5?
  2. Can I charge a GoPro hero5 session with a usb power bank?
  3. What is the best power bank for my GoPro hero 5?

Therefore, You will learn how to power  your Gopro Hero 5 or session with an external USB Power Bank. I will also recommend some suitable power banks, provide setups instruction to help power your GoPro Hero 5 for days.
This setup is indispensable when capturing sporting activities such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Climbing, Skydiving, Racing, etc


It is essential a regular Power Bank that can charge your electronic devices, such mobile phone, Ipad, laptops but with a power rating that is suitable to GoPro Hero 5.
Note: Not all power banks are suitable for this setup… so be careful not to fry your action cam


  • Portability is the catch here, the power bank must be compact and lightweight to fit into your GoPro case or can be attached to straps easily.
  • Must have a High Power Capacity i.e 20000mAh to help power your GoPro for a longer period.
  • Must have Multiple USB outputs with at least a 1A 5V to power both your GoPro and other electronic gadgets you own.
  • Must be made by a reputable manufacturer to ensure in carries top rated Li-Ion battery cells

In search of a compatible power bank that can supply a 5V DC and a 1A Current to charge your gopro? No worries, as promised, I have compiled a list of compatible power bank that I personally use which efficient and are price friendly

NOTE: The power banks below are compatible with all models of GoPro, including the HERO 5 and GOPRO 5 SESSION

Below are recommend power bank brand that will give out approximately 11 hours power juice for your GoPro and also help your charge other electronic gadgets such as GoPro remote etc, the only downside is losing the ability to go underwater.


Dive Housing with BacPac Backdoor197 Feet60 Meters
Standard Housing with the Standard BacPac Backdoor131 Feet40 Meters
Standard Housing with a Touch BacPac Backdoor 10 Feet3 Meters


  1. Purchase a skeleton housing or pierce a hole behind your standard GoPro casing.
  2. Buy gopro power bank that gives out the right current for your GoPro camera (choose from the list above).
  3. Lastly, connect your fully charged power bank to your GoPro camera by passing the i usb extension cord through the hole you bore on your standard housing, if you are not using a skeleton housing.
  4. Power on your power bank and gopro… viola

Incase you need to strap your powerbank to any mount – Get a Hard Shell EVA Carrying Storage Travel Case Bag on Amazon it will help alot.

I have two 26800mah Anker E7 Gen Power Banks; I call them the ultimate portable power bank because of their quality lithium cells and incredible Capacity. I personally use in every day with my Gopro Hero 4 and recently GoPro Hero 5; and have never been disappointed.

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