How to Clean Water Droplets on GoPro Lens

Are you having distorting images due to water droplets on your gopro lens?

It’s incredibly frustrating when you see distortion in images caused by water droplets on your lens when previewing your shot.
If it is your first time, this guide will help avoid such occurrences.

Cleaning Water Droplets on GoPro Lens

Based on experience, there are many ways to prevent water drops on GoPro lens from messing up your video/photo due to distortion, these will help you when kayaking, Scuba diving and when using the camera under water.

Here are some recommended product to help prevent image distortion due to water droplet on your gopro lens:

  1. Bottled Goggle Defoggerir?source=bk&t=diongopower 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=89c088a394059aa4466989b72c5510a9& cb=1552816586420 How to Clean Water Droplets on GoPro Lens
  2. RainXir?source=bk&t=diongopower 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=bf90522056b4bb9d647e48981b842a9f& cb=1552816511318 How to Clean Water Droplets on GoPro Lens
  3. GoSpotir?source=bk&t=diongopower 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=2316385627b5d349417d0cf9f073bfa8& cb=1552816530868 How to Clean Water Droplets on GoPro Lens
  4. GoClear Hydrophobic Lens Protectorsir?source=bk&t=diongopower 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=87d55b885ef2fd07db444bf6e9563e72& cb=1552816542291 How to Clean Water Droplets on GoPro Lens
  5. GoPro Anti-Fog insertsir?source=bk&t=diongopower 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=71287d293bdde6d7bf8b3a04fbaee5dc& cb=1552816831698 How to Clean Water Droplets on GoPro Lens

Ways to Clean Water Drops on GoPro Lens

You may assume that with your gopro case you are good to go, but that is not the case because you are far from being saved from tiny water droplet distorting your image. These tiny water droplets usually cling to the lens of your Gopro when used underwater or when splashed with water.

Rain-x Glass Treatment on the lens area on the GoPro Waterproof Housing

This product is widely used outside of car windshields to increase visibility in wet weather. It only takes one application which will last for a number of uses till you notice some distortion due to water droplet on your lens. Just reapply when needed according to instructions on the packaging.

Also note to only apply to the glass lens area of your gopro waterproof housing cause it may damage surrounding plastic.
Is it safe to use rain-x on housing?

Yes, it’s totally safe on the lens.

Check out this post on how to clean your gopro

How to Use RainX to Clean Prevent Water Drop on Your Gopro Lens

To clean your gopro lens and prevent water drops from giving you those hilarious blooper-type shots, just Follow the right procedure:

  1. Mixing about 1:4 RainX to Water,
  2. Apply it gentle on the lens only
  3. Polish it completely to prevent haze and light refraction on the lens
  4. NOTE: only apply it to the glass lens area, it may damage plastic.

Applying GoClear & Clearex Hydrophobic Lens Protectors

CLEAREX Hydrophobic Screen Protector for GoPro Hero 5,6,7 Black | Water Repellent, Tempered Glass, Ultra-Clear, Anti-Scratch | Capture Clearly (GOPRO 5,6,7 Black)
  • 【CAPTURE CLEARLY】- Capture the perfect shot without water or dirt getting in your way. Clearex hydrophobic screen protector ensures your camera lens stays clear of water spots, dust, or dirt while filming in any conditions, letting you capture the perfect shot with confidence. Hydrophobic lens helps remove large water drops that destroy your footage, small drops may remain but these small droplets do not blur your image.

These gopro hydrophobic lens protector are clear little protectors applied to the lens area of your waterproof housing to prevent waterdrops and its available for Hero 3, 3+, Hero4, Hero5 and Session. They can last between 4-6 months buddy! and also protect your gopro lens from scratches
How to Apply GoClear Hydrophobic Lens Protectors

Watch this youtube video on how to apply a goclear hydrophobic lens protector to your gopro waterproof housing

Lick the Lens

Lick it. Lick it and lick it again – It might sound funny especially when you playback the video seeing someone licking the lens. But this is the most popular method of preventing water droplet from attaching to your gopro waterproof housing (lens). ie Just lick it like you would for scuba masks ***sounding weird but works***

In the following video, you’ll see a demonstration.

Spit On dome ports and Gopro Lens

When using your gopro underwater or just wadding/bobbing in the water, spitting on the lens and using your thumb to clean it off before you get in the water will allow the large majority of the water to bead off the lens. It may sound gross, just give it a lick and you will get a clearer image!


Some other tips include

  1. Running really hot water over the outside of the lens. This will help get rid off contaminant you can’t see.
  2. Use GoPro Anti-Fog insertsir?source=bk&t=diongopower 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=71287d293bdde6d7bf8b3a04fbaee5dc& cb=1552816831698 How to Clean Water Droplets on GoPro Lens


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